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Donor as Art Walls

Four unique, permanent, technology-driven, interior public artworks commemorating the donors to the Broward Health hospital system.


Figure 1: ​Heart Cell Wall.  Laser cut and engraved acrylic form the structure and “cells” (donor names, organized by size and color based on giving level) mounted inside the lobby windows like 3-dimensional stained glass. Location: Broward Health Imperial Point. Completed: 2016


Figure 2: Neural Network Wall. A topographical brain sculpture is the surface for a projection of custom programming of donor names that become connected through a series of a million strands of light inspired by neural network imaging and the number of people served annually by the Broward Health hospital system. Location: Broward Health North Completed: 2017


Figure 3: Be the Donor.  Description: This artwork is an interactive projection with custom programming that creates real-time, moving silhouettes of passers-by out of the names of the donors, which are scaled and colored based on giving level. Location: Broward Health Medical Center. Completed: 2016


Broward Health Foundation


4 Hospitals in Broward County, FL



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