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This is a series of artworks commissioned for the Hotel Indigo, opening 2020 in Tallahassee, FL. The artworks are all place-based to complement the unique location of the hotel, and are inspired by Florida nature and the Railroad that runs adjacent to the property. Art+Light+Space worked with each of the chosen artists to develop and create their artworks. 

Works list:

1. Cypress Diptych by Leah Brown and Jenna Effrain

    7' x 16' steel, glass, wood, acrylic, with LED          lighting

2. Wakulla Springs Topographic by Peter Symons

    4' x 4' x 4" resin and wood wall sculpture

3. Railroad Track Assemblage by Donna Haynes

    6' x 6' x 5" found object wall sculpture

4. Sense of Place by Christian Feneck and Melissa        Vargas

    7' x 6' acrylic and printmaking on board

5. Palm Frond Tapestry by Sterling Rook

    4' x 6' x 5" palm fronds and paint on board,            framed

6. Railroad Sign Piece by Marcus Borges

    4' x 4' acrylic on board

7. Orange Crate Label piece by Marcus Borges

    6' x 6' acrylic on board


Hooper Construction | Hotel Indigo


Tallahassee, FL, USA



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