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60’ long by 6’ tall Art Fence made of 3/8” CNC plasma-cut aluminum depicting a surreal, narrative landscape of woods and ocean, dogs and birds.

This artwork needed to be a functioning fence for a dog park at the newly developed Motif Apartments. The architectural style of the building was inspired by the line-work of the 20's and 30's, so I took inspiration from European folktale illustration of the same time period. The development is in an arts district, so a contemporary feel was also a must.

I began design work by hand drawing each of the panels. Viewed together, they form a continuous, narrative image. I then digitized the designs and refined them, then made a laser-cut model. According to code/regulation, all "holes" in the design had to be under 4", so this also influenced the design. After approval from he engineers, owners and architects, we CNC-cut the panels, and mounted them on aluminum fence-posts.


ArchCo Residential | Motif Apartments


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA



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